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Re: GPL and LGPL not acceptable for Fedora!

Colin Walters schrieb:
On 8/17/07, *Harald Hoyer* <harald redhat com <mailto:harald redhat com>> wrote:

    ok, with the attached perl script, I quickly spotted for my packages:

Cool. I briefly toyed with this problem yesterday but am unlikely to have a chance to improve my script in the next few days, so I'll just post it now because it has some architectural differences to yours.

* I have a feeling that regular expressions are only going to be part of the answer. Files out there are messy. Turns out Python has this neat "difflib" library for fuzzy text matching.

uh, I didn't want to be to fuzzy.. better display the header, than to match a false positive..

* It operates on all files, not just *.[ch]

err.. just a matter of command line options and/or the find ...

* It uses Python's leet generator functionality to cleanly mix traversing a directory tree and searching

fine :) /me was just lazy and hacked the script in 10 minutes, as you may tell from the source...

But yes, yours may be better :)

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