[Fwd: Broken dependencies in Fedora 7 + Test Updates - 2007-06-21]

Jon Ciesla limb at jcomserv.net
Mon Jul 2 18:06:03 UTC 2007

> On Monday 02 July 2007 13:57:33 Jon Ciesla wrote:
>> So IIUTC, if I build for F-7, it will be included in the F-8 yum repos
>> as
>> well, if nothing with that EVR exists there already?
> If no build of that package has been specifically tagged with dist-f8
> (which
> would happen if you built from the devel/ branch), yes, inheritance would
> pick up the build tagged with dist-fc7-updates and it would show up in the
> next rawhide compose (which asks for the newest builds of every package
> that
> exists).

And this would apply between non-rahwide releases N and N-1, where both
are on koji, i.e. F-7 and F-8 before F-7 EOLs and after F-8 is released?

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