Procedure for verbatim takeover from FN to FN+1?

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Mon Jul 23 14:44:29 UTC 2007

On Mon, 23 Jul 2007 15:36:00 +0100
Paul Howarth <paul at> wrote:

> So supposing a package is buildt for dist-fc6-updates and nowhere
> else. The current state of play is that it "appears" in the repos for
> all subsequent releases, which is good. But what happens when FC^ is
> EOL-ed? Will it then be necessary to build the package for one of the
> later tags, somewhat defeating the object of the exercise?

I'll admit that this inheritance chain is a bit misleading.  The FC6
tags are merely sync tags, not active.  The real entry point is
dist-fc7, the active point being dist-fc7-updates.

However to answer your question, once a release is EOL you can't do a
build on that tag, but that doesn't break inheritance.  It just means
that the next time you have to update the package, you update it on the
oldest active branch and build it there.  Inheritance will make sure
that it is available in all future tags.

Jesse Keating
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