Procedure for verbatim takeover from FN to FN+1?

Tom Lane tgl at
Mon Jul 23 15:10:40 UTC 2007

Jesse Keating <jkeating at> writes:
> However to answer your question, once a release is EOL you can't do a
> build on that tag, but that doesn't break inheritance.  It just means
> that the next time you have to update the package, you update it on the
> oldest active branch and build it there.  Inheritance will make sure
> that it is available in all future tags.

Does this work if you didn't follow the procedure from day zero?
That is, assume that yesterday I built foo-1.2.3 separately in
F-7 and devel branches.  Tomorrow could I build foo-1.2.4 in F-7 only
and have it inherit to F8?  I always thought that was a big no-no.

Also, what about keeping the CVS sources in sync?  The obvious way
of implementing this tactic is to work in the /F-7 directory only,
which would leave /devel not reflecting what you expect to be
shipping in F8, which seems like a really bad idea.

			regards, tom lane

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