Presentation Card Deck

Joshua Wulf jwulf at
Mon Oct 17 01:29:32 UTC 2005

The other day I got a couple of packs of cards - the red deck and the 
black deck - from sales and marketing at Red Hat. They have frequently 
asked questions and responses on them for making sales pitches for RHEL. 
They pretty much r0ck, and are a useful resource.

I think it could be quite useful for the cmc program if we had something 
like that. It's a small deck of cards with the frequently asked 
questions and important differentiating points for making presentations 
with clarity and focus.

It empowers cmc's to answer inquiries with succinct and correct answers. 
Especially in a situation where you are being interviewed for web, 
radio, or television, or even print, the soundbite is king. A pithy, 
prepared response is essential.


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