Free software events for December 2005

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Wed Jan 11 13:42:49 UTC 2006


Free software magazine has a year end report which mentions Fedora 
Directory Server.

"Freeing of the directory server software

It always gives me a warm feeling when proprietary software is freed. 
This happened when Red Hat bought Netscape’s Directory Server. They 
promptly released it as free software. On the second of this month Red 
Hat released the next incarnation of the Fedora Directory Server 1.0 
This includes many enterprise level features of LDAP, such as version 3 
of the protocol, multi-master replication and Windows synchronisation. 
Along with the engine, it includes console and administration utilities; 
all of which can be ported from GNU/Linux to other platforms.

The strategy that Red Hat uses in its Open Directory product is typical. 
It first releases the latest and new “bleeding edge” software as free 
software to the community through the Fedora project, giving the 
community what they want. After it has become more mature, and the 
stability is guaranteed, they use it to release their enterprise stable 
and static version of the product—still free software—to corporations, 
governments and other enterprise customers giving them what they want. 
It’s a good example of how to make money using free software and the 
community business model."


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