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Re: Fedora Core 5 Test 3 Review

Patrick Barnes wrote:
I think the appropriate way to allow migration is simple:

Instead of the generic "No MP3 here" message, point to a URL on the wiki. This URL can detail why we don't have MP3, what the alternatives are, and where they can look for more information about MP3 on Fedora. We are very limited in the wording we can use, and we can't provide direct information to give people MP3 support, but we can point them to third-part sites that have that information.

I think i have a better proposal: install a stub plugin for GStreamer (just like the stub used in XMMS back then mp3 support was removed in the first time). This stub would show a window with a short message stating mp3 support is not available, recommending ogg and having two links: one to the ForbiddenItems page in the wiki and another to Fluendo, which offer a free and legal plugin for playing mp3 files (that plugin is not free enough to be included in the distro but free enough to be recommended).

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