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Re: FC5: beats& Press Release (draft impress doc)

Stephen Krenzel <sgk284 gmail com> wrote:
> It helps us better understand how other distributions are going
> about promoting themselves and how effective it is for them.
> By learning from other's mistakes, our own successes should
> become more frequent.

I have to agree.  We don't live in a vacuum, and I regularly run into
over-marketing of other distros and, often in tandem,
mis-understandings of what Fedora is.

So many people who have _never_ used Fedora Core call it "unstable." 
It is based on 100% assumptions of what Fedora Core is, and 0% actual
usage.  Or in the best case, they had an issue with the installer and
left it at that.

In fact, if I were going to build a marketing campaign for Fedora
Core, I'd do the following:  

Newbie focus like ...
  "These system builders pre-install Fedora Core:"
  "For maximum compatibility and ease-of-administration, you want
Fedora Core on your new PC out-of-the-box."

Seasoned focus like ...
  "This isn't your dad's Linux"
  "More than just an installer"
  "Dependency hell?  Fedora users have never heard of it!"

And maybe even more direct ...
  "You say you haven't used Red Hat since Red Hat Linux 9, but you
say Fedora Core is unstable?  Have you actually tried it?  Have you
tried more than just its installer?"
  "Fedora Core 5, all the new features of Fedora Core 4, improved."

Bryan J. Smith   Professional, Technical Annoyance
b j smith ieee org    http://thebs413.blogspot.com
I'm a Democrat.  No wait, I'm a Republican.  Hmm,
it seems I'm just whatever someone disagrees with.

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