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Re: Logo guidelines status

I would think the Fedora Project would want to control what other fonts are used in any layouts or graphics, so a consistent image is presented at all times. Is there any work being done on an identity style guide for the Fedora Project ? If you are not sure what I am talking about, Google "identity guide" and take a look how other organizations document best practices on the use of their logos, and creating documents or layouts to present a consistent visual identity.

Yes, there absolutely is. We'll have something that we can share with this list, complete with various official versions of the fedora logo, usage guidelines, and free font guidelines very soon.

Most organizations prefer to keep the reproduction quality of the graphics used in their visual identity at a high level. Re-processing ( as the above quote suggests ) or modifying original graphics can lead to poor quality graphics, which can translate into a poor identity, or a negative reaction to the graphics. That is generally accepted as a Bad Thing. Most organizations that go through the effort to develop a logo or other visual identity also make the effort to make sure every use of their logo is up to a certain standard. I have heard the term "logo cop" used for individuals with that responsibility.

Using a poor quality Fedora logo could hurt the Project more than it would help promote it, if that poor quality logo degrades the visual identity of the Project.

It is unfortunate that the usage guidelines have not considered all possible usage cases, and that has caused delays in the ability for some to use the logo. With visual identity, you only have the first shot at making a good impression. Protecting the visual identity of the Fedora Project is nearly as important as protecting your personal identity, so I understand the care that must be taken here.

I really the completeness and thoughtfulness of this note.

To all of you -- stay tuned, we're close to having this ready.


Max Spevack
+ http://people.redhat.com/mspevack/
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