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Sat May 5 19:21:03 UTC 2007

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Hello Pierre!!

Welcome to Fedora Ambassadors Project!!

Rodrigo Padula
Brazilian Fedora Ambassador

Nayyar Ahmad escreveu:
> Welcome !
> On 5/5/07, *pingou* <pingoufc4 at <mailto:pingoufc4 at>> wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Pierre-Yves CHIBON.
> I have just applied to the ambassadors groups so I write this mail to
> introduce me a bit further.
> I am actually student making a master in bioinformatics in
> Wageningen in
> Netherlands, but I am French and I leaved in Paris.
> I start with Fedora one year ago but since I am in Netherlands I have
> more free time so I am being more involved in the Fedora community.
> I help to write the French documentation on the
> <> website.
> I have also made some rpm that I will submit to extras.
> Some of you might have seen me at the Fosdem, with Thomas Caniot and
> Johan Cwiklinski.
> You can easily contact me on the IRC channel #fedora-fr #fedora-devel-fr
> #fedora and #fedora-mktg.
> I hope that I will be able to help the community to grow and this
> project to go on.
> Sincerely your,
> Pierre-Yves CHIBON

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