Fedora: Freedom is a Feature.

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Sun Oct 7 22:26:37 UTC 2007

Le dimanche 07 octobre 2007 à 23:15 +0200, M Daniel R Magarzo a écrit :

> Most of you (developers -mostly from Red Hat or got involved there,
> etc...-) think that everyone that uses Linux, having chose or not
> Fedora, is a developer too, and therefore is in condition of promote big
> changes in a Linux project.

That's one of the "identity signs" of Fedora. We fix stuff we don't wait
for other distributions to do it for us. And we fix stuff at every level
— development, packaging, artwork, etc

Another "identity sign" is Freedom. We get enough slack for making hard
decisions (when other distributions formally tag stuff 'non-free" then
distribute it anyway and make no active effort to replace it) to know
they are hard decisions and not everyone makes them.

> That's precisely your fault, I think
> developers are completely unable to abstract themselves by a moment and
> to think like common end users would be (empathy).

Users think short term. Red Hat and Fedora think long term. We don't
take decisions that may haunt us later lightly. That's a third "identity
sign". Countless users decided at a time "RHL/Fedora is not
user-friendly, I'll use foo distro" instead and then foo distro
disappeared because it achieved short-term user-friendliness at the cost
of long-term user-friendliness (being still there to help users)

We certainly have poor communication but that's not because Fedora is
lacking identity. Fedora has strong identity. It wants to build a free
community platform period. That's something inherited from Red Hat. Red
Hat didn't achieve its market-leader situation by being confused on the

Nicolas Mailhot
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