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M Daniel R Magarzo b2.mdr.magarzo at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 23:12:53 UTC 2007

El lun, 15-10-2007 a las 09:09 +0200, JoergSimon escribió:

> M Daniel R Magarzo, critic is welcome, but ... please do me a favor, unsubscribe.

Hahaha..! :-))
Please, firstly _try_ to do yourself a favour.. open your narrow mind.
	-First degree: higher status. Learn to accept (maybe digest) critics,
that means.. first that you probably are reading what you don't like (an
opinion or whatever..)
	-Second degree: the above would be good, but if you are unable to get
into it (most probably..), just try to remember (repeating helps) the
following: push the DEL key when I do not want to read mails from that
guy.. After all, there were no many emails.

>  you are unkind and not constructive,

However, you are very kind..! ;-)

The most unkind email comes precisely... from you, and your existencial
void (sorry.., I did mean "constructive existence"..). :-)

> Good bye!
:-) Ummmm...
I love you too..

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