A Public Awareness Campaign for Fedora!!!

Karlie Robinson webpath at fedoraproject.org
Mon Oct 15 18:28:58 UTC 2007

Markus McLaughlin wrote:
> Recently I posted on my blog, a challenge.  How can Fedora be BETTER
> than MAC OS X?  I know that the MAC is the best OS out there.
> Microsoft is ripping off OS X with
> Vista which is not doing well in sales.  Thanks to the bad coding,
> overdemanding system requirements, and a movement called LINUX!  So
> how can we Fedora Fans/Users/Developers LURE the frustrated Vista
> Users and people who don't use a computer to try out Fedora.  A
> Campaign needs to be set up where people reach out to Media Outlets
> via online and postal mail telling people, there is an ALTERNATIVE to
> both Vista AND Mac!  That is FEDORA!  This is the idea, what should be
> done about it?
> Mark McLaughlin

I personally appreciate you enthusiasm for Fedora, but I feel that 
sometimes is a bit off the mark.

Fedora, like many Free and Open Source projects, actively markets their 
software.  But, with Fedora the marketing techniques tends to mirror the 
community aspect of the project.

Fedora wouldn't be what it is without many people joining together to 
create something positive.  Pitting one OS against others creates battle 
lines and has a dividing effect.

To me, the most effective way to bring frustrated users over to Linux is 
by continuing to foster community - well that and it doesn't hurt to 
mention fun things like the lack of Virus infections.

You also have to take into consideration that Fedora isn't always the 
best choice for a windows user switching to Linux for the first time. 
There are loads of distros that fall under the "General Desktop" and are 
being developed specifically to welcome the masses to Linux.

It's also good to remember that in the grand scheme of things you can't 
even compare Fedora to any other OS.  It's in a league of it's own.

Why is it in it's own league?  Besides fostering community and freedom 
as a core value, the Fedora project also strives to create advanced 

That removes Fedora from worry about Market share.  As long as great 
stuff happens with the code and everyone is glad to be part of the team, 
what more can you ask for?


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