A Public Awareness Campaign for Fedora!!!

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh at fedoraproject.org
Mon Oct 15 19:42:59 UTC 2007

On 10/15/07, Markus McLaughlin wrote:
> Recently I posted on my blog, a challenge.  How can Fedora be BETTER
> than MAC OS X?

On 10/15/07, jkeating wrote:
> Define "better".

Jesse is right here, you need to define "better".

On 10/15/07, Karlie Robinson wrote:
> Fedora wouldn't be what it is without many people joining together to
> create something positive.  Pitting one OS against others creates battle
> lines and has a dividing effect.

This is true. Since Fedora
* is the upstream of many Linux distributions.
* has many other projects besides being a Linux distribution.

Campaigning for Fedora is a good start for any contributor. But one
should be aware of minimum:
* what is Fedora (as linux distribution)?
* what is the Fedora Project?
* what are outcome of each Fedora projects?
* how people from different countries communicate at the Fedora
project (Mailing list, planet.fedoraproject.org,irc..) and eventually
meet up in real life to plan something big.


Thus one will eventually :
* find where to contribute at the Fedora Project.
* know how to market Fedora (there are many resources on the wiki).
* know how Fedora contributors(RH&community) take decisions together.
* see where he/she will take advantage of his/her own contributions.

Then afterwards campaigning for Fedora will be easy for anyone. I
understand that these might be boring, but have played a crucial role
in community development and successful outcomes.

If one wants to market fedora, he/she should be able to answer
questions (from the public) related to Fedora. Read Fedora wiki,
understand the features of fedora or exciting news. Blog these items
and _praise_ the outcome of fedora. Show how upstreams or any other
distributions had taken advantage of fedora's contributions.

Attacking randomly and anyone will only create troubles.

The following links contains some materials used to promote fedora


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