Fedora-marketing-list Digest, Vol 40, Issue 23

Markus McLaughlin hudsonman35 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 18:13:08 UTC 2007

All of your points are well in good but Public Awareness is still not
out there for Fedora.

What I define as BETTER : The UK's Linux Format comes out with
Book-Like Magazines for every major Linux Distro with a FREE DVD
attached.  Fedora
needs it's own Book-Like Magazine published a month after a release at
every newsstand at every Borders/Barnes & Noble/Wal-Mart/Target store
in USA!  That is one way to get out the Public Awareness, another is
encouragement for every linux club in USA to set up a monthly event
highlighting what linux can do for their community be it a church, a school,
a store, or a small business (kind of like a job fair kind of thing.)
I will be
going to a lot of linux user groups online to drum up ideas for how to promote
linux AND my linux blog/future linux magazine as well.  This is a worthy crusade
for me since I am not just a fan of Fedora, I am also a Writer who
loves to write/
speak up about issues important to me.  Fedora is one of them!

Why I created linuxglobe.wordpress.com : I am tired of Windoze being
so dominant everywhere I go.  When I was overseas, a month and a half
ago, I saw so many PCs with just Windoze on it.  There were only two
stores that I been to that did sell Apple Computers.  The only
magazine out there promoting Linux was the UK's Linux Format, I know
the UK has been publishing other Linux Magazines.  But NO U.S.
Magazine is doing so, that is why I want to convert my blog into a
magazine with experts on Linux teaching me and others the benefits of
Linus Torvald's masterpiece : Linux!

I can go on and on, but my blog will have more to say...

Continue the hard work and make Fedora much more than just an OS, make
it a movement!

Markus McLaughlin

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