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William Cattey wdc at MIT.EDU
Tue Oct 16 18:48:41 UTC 2007

Just today I got around to following your link to try out the Q&A.

When I clicked on ANY of the answers, it dumped me into the top level  
of the web site with no answers, and no indication that what happened  
was that the answer was not found or moved.

What happened?

Someone happening across your excellent questions might mistake it as  
a very detailed way to put someone onto a marketing site. I'm sure  
that's not what you intended.

You might want to see why clicking on the answers stopped working.



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On Aug 13, 2007, at 10:35 AM, Karlie Robinson wrote:

> Markus McLaughlin wrote:
>> My mission is to convert regular folks who don't know Windoze, MAC,
>> or Linux, and convert them into Linux Users, IT guys can help me  
>> out with this task!  Onward and forward!
> I have been getting similar questions from what I like to think of  
> as "average" computer users contemplating the switch to Linux.
> I decided to print them in an advice column format rather than an  
> FAQ to help get the friendly nature of Linux across.  The hope is  
> that other users will find some of the info helpful.  Though I'll  
> admit there's not much in the Q&A those already using Linux will  
> find exciting.
> I usually get a very vague question, so I can't give more than a
> Vague/RTFM answer, but If you'd like a little insight into what  
> these users are thinking about, you can check out http://on- 
> Karlie
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