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Re: increasing the reach of fedora-marketing

Lisa Hoover wrote:

The bottom line? Journalists faced with writing a story that F8 has
been released will be asking themselves, "What can I say that hasn't
already been said?" Believe me when I tell you, we are open to ideas.

I think "Fedora 8 is released on 8 November" is, to some degree, a non-story. The story is, "Fedora 8, which is released on 8 November, empower me to do X, Y and Z" (where X, Y and Z are some features I was hungry for for a long time).

Also, there are news for various audiences: the games spin (DVD) is probably completely uninteresting for business tech publications but it may be something big for other communities (I bet a news item about it will score high on Digg, it may get on Slashdot, it may get on non-Linux gaming sites).

On the same line, stories about Pulse Audio will not get important traction from the business oriented press (as opposed to geek press) but Iced Tea or SELinux may hit a big point there.

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