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Fedora story brainstorm - IRC log and summary


* Need stories of:
  * FOLKS - People who use Fedora for general interest purposes
(humanitarianism, multimedia/entertainment, scientific research)
  * FEATURES - Developers pimping their wares
* ACTION:  PAUL to post blog entry asking for people to dig up these
stories.  [ DONE ]
* ACTION:  GREG to herd Marketing people to Digg that blog post, and

IRC FREENODE LOG #fedora-mktg, 2008-04-03:   (*Times are UTC-4)
[14:02] <stickster>  OK, let's start talking about Fedora Stories
[14:02] <tw2113>  tell ours first?
[14:02] <tw2113>  :)
[14:03] <stickster>  Freedom. Folks. Features. First
[14:03] <stickster>  *sigh
[14:03] <stickster>  No real discussion on list about additional stories
-- no wiki edits...
[14:03] <mizmo>  food folks and fun
[14:03] <gregdek>  Yep.
[14:04] <stickster>  Let's have some story love!
[14:04] <gregdek>  We need to be more nagg-y.
[14:04] <mizmo>  f8 artwork!
[14:04] <tw2113>  i'll tell how i got introduced to fedora
[14:04] <stickster>  mizmo: You're #1 on the list, bay-bee
[14:04] <stickster>
[14:04] <mizmo>  do tell tw2113
[14:04] <stickster>  "Folks"!
[14:05] <mizmo>  we have a lot of interesting personalities
[14:05] <gregdek>  
[14:05] * gregdek waits...
[14:05] <tw2113>  it was my last semester of college here in SD, and
there was an odd class requirement
[14:05] <tw2113>  "Operating Environments"
[14:05] <tw2113>  doing administrative tasks in different OS's
[14:05] <tw2113>  my teacher chose XP and Fedora Core 6
[14:05] <gregdek>  
[14:05] * gregdek afk for a few... bbiab
[14:05] <tw2113>  so through virtual machines, I was playing around with
[14:06] <tw2113>  windoze I had done pretty much all before, but this
linux thing was new to me
[14:06] <tw2113>  it wasn't even using X11, all command line
[14:06] <tw2113>  long story short, a year later, I'm fully entrenched
and not going back
[14:07] <tw2113>  and have since joined various fedora teams, and have a
struggle between professional graphic design and OSS software preference
[14:07] <mizmo>  when we talk about features, do they have to be
features that fedora is the upstream for?
[14:07] <stickster>  OK, tw2113 -- how do we turn that into a general
message about *Fedora*?
[14:07] <tw2113>  good question
[14:07] <stickster>  mizmo: I think it's good for us to spin Features
where they involve Fedora *innovation*
[14:08] <stickster>  I mean, everyone can say they have NetworkManager,
for instance, but who grew it?
[14:08] <stickster>  Same for SELinux...
[14:08] <stickster>  Many others...
[14:08] <mizmo>  virt manager
[14:08] <tw2113>  re-spins
[14:08] <mizmo>  func
[14:08] <stickster>  cobbler!
[14:08] <mizmo>  cobbler
[14:08] <mizmo>  yes
[14:08] <stickster>  peach cobbler
[14:08] <tw2113>  not sure how many other distros offer the
self-respinning capabilities
[14:08] <stickster>  yum
[14:08] <stickster>  I mean, not yum, but yummy
[14:09] <tw2113>  cobbler?
[14:09] <tw2113>  
[14:09] * tw2113 googles
[14:09] <stickster>  http://cobbler.et.redhat.com/  I believe
[14:09] <tw2113>  ah
[14:09] <mizmo>  i think cobbler would be a good story
[14:10] <mizmo>
[14:10] <stickster>  mizmo: I agree
[14:10] <stickster>  Great systems management and deployment tool
[14:10] <mizmo>  it would be under features
[14:11] <mizmo>  func too i think
[14:11] <mizmo>  ill add them to the wiki?
[14:11] <stickster>  I'd like to lump those together in a thematic way
if possible
[14:11] <stickster>  mizmo: Sure!
[14:11] <stickster>  func + cobbler = easy system deployment and
[14:11] <tw2113>  stolen from an IBM ad, but maybe we could use this
[14:11] <tw2113>  "collecting data is the first step towards wisdom,
sharing data is the first step towards community."
[14:12] <stickster>  I want to make sure, though, that we're
concentrating on Fedora specific messages
[14:12] <tw2113>  true
[14:12] <stickster>  Not just why open source is great, why *FEDORA* is
[14:12] <mizmo>  how about smolt
[14:12] <stickster>  Concrete examples
[14:12] <mizmo>  we share our data thru smolt
[14:12] <mizmo>  about our install base
[14:12] <mizmo>  so when we make claims of so many installs we have the
data to back it
[14:13] <mizmo>  unlike... :)
[14:13] <stickster>  heh
[14:13] <mizmo>  mark shuttleworth
[14:13] <stickster>  I would like to see more smolt participation --
need to talk about that at community events with other distro leaders
[14:13] * stickster hopes quaid is listening for his CommunityOne
[14:14] <stickster>  Let's show off the numbers!
[14:14] <mizmo>  would smolt be features + first?
[14:14] <stickster>  Absolutely
[14:14] <tw2113>  
[14:14] * tw2113 things we need a coffee machine bot
[14:14] <tw2113>  thinks*
[14:15] <mizmo>  we need more freedom and folks
[14:16] <mizmo>  package kit is something fedora folks have been working
upstream on
[14:16] <mizmo>  hmm
[14:16] <mizmo>  how about console kit?
[14:16] <mizmo>  oh
[14:16] <stickster>  ConsoleKit/PolicyKit are cool
[14:16] <stickster>  But they're a little hard for everyman to
[14:16] <mizmo>  features + first: changing wallpapers with the time of
[14:17] <mizmo>  i mean, its kind of silly but also innovative
[14:17] <stickster>  Ooo, shiny!
[14:17] <stickster>  There you go
[14:17] <tw2113>  freedom + folks....
[14:17] <stickster>  It's actually a really helpful speaking tool to be
able to point to "the great AND the small"
[14:17] <stickster>  That's small, sure, but it's lovely and makes
people smile
[14:17] <mizmo>  :)
[14:17] <tw2113>  you have searchable documented work that you can show
to a potential employer?
[14:18] <mizmo>  tw2113, ?
[14:18] <tw2113>  showing complete thought process from implementation
to final result
[14:18] <stickster>  That plays well into our "everything is open"
[14:18] <tw2113>  kind of thinking out loud and trying to contribute to
the brainstorming
[14:18] <mizmo>  so everything we work on iso ut in the open in irc
mailing lists and wiki?
[14:19] <mizmo>  thats definitely freedom + folks but i dont know if it
is so different from other distros
[14:19] * stickster tries not to shut down the brainstorming, will hold
critiques until we gather everything
[14:19] <tw2113>  yeah
[14:19] <mizmo>  ooooh
[14:19] <mizmo>  but that gives me an idea tw2113
[14:19] <mizmo>  how about our asterisk set up and gobby setups?
[14:19] <stickster>  As we come out with ideas, let's just think about
the guidelines for Fedora Stories -- they're stories. About Fedora. :-)
[14:19] <mizmo>  i dont think other distros has stuff like that
[14:20] <stickster>  WE EAT ALL OUR OWN DOGFOOD.
[14:20] <mizmo>  yep
[14:20] <stickster>  No closed source stuff here, thanks
[14:20] <mizmo>  freedom
[14:20] <stickster>  and First (anywhere)
[14:20] <stickster>  Well, I guess you could say HURD there too.
[14:20] <stickster>  But what do/did they have for infrastructure?
[14:20] <mizmo>  how about debian?
[14:21] <stickster>  Yeah, true dat.
[14:21] <mizmo>  so specifically dogfood wrt infrastructure?
[14:21] <mizmo>  (even then tho debians maybe be dogfood)
[14:21] <stickster>  Even there we might not be first.
[14:21] <stickster>  I can live with just Freedom.
[14:21] <mizmo>  freedom for sure
[14:21] <stickster>  OTOH it's a Feature too
[14:21] <stickster>  A Feature of our community is we build on our own
[14:22] <mizmo>  yep
[14:22] <gregdek>  !
[14:22] <tw2113>  evolve and share
[14:22] <mizmo>  can we talk about particular 'customer' usages of
[14:22] <mizmo>  eg, x organization uses fedora
[14:22] <mizmo>  for this purpose
[14:22] <mizmo>  eg olpc
[14:22] <gregdek>  
[14:22] * gregdek wants to see dozens of beautiful short stories with
awesome single sentence titles.
[14:23] <stickster>  gregdek: right on
[14:23] <mizmo>  and pictures
[14:23] <stickster>  OLPC is a big hit everywhere.
[14:23] <stickster>  Saw it this week at the expo.
[14:23] <stickster>  Everyone knows about it.
[14:23] <gregdek>  ...hmm.
[14:23] * stickster thinks OLPC has spent too little time capitalizing
on their own PR.
[14:23] <gregdek>  My $0.02?  I'm not sure this is the best time to say
a lot about the Fedora/OLPC relationship.
[14:24] <stickster>  ?
[14:24] <mizmo>  can you think of other organizations making use of
[14:24] <gregdek>  Wikia.
[14:24] <gregdek>  Dreamworks.
[14:24] <stickster>  Max mentioned Pixar to me the other day.
[14:24] <tw2113>  NASA
[14:24] <mizmo>  NASA is a good one
[14:25] <tw2113>  i remember that blog post was really popular
[14:25] <mizmo>  would those all be 'folks' ?
[14:25] <gregdek>  Yeah, although as with all large orgs, the question
is "who wants to say something publicly?"
[14:25] <gregdek>  Yeah.
[14:25] <mizmo>  is it okay to put them on the wiki?
[14:25] <stickster>  Yes, but do we need quotes from them for this
[14:25] <gregdek>  The key is not "NASA does this!"  It's "Joe at NASA
does this!"
[14:25] <stickster>  Ah
[14:25] <stickster>  To personalize the story, then.
[14:25] <gregdek>  The story should always be about Joe, IMHO, and never
about NASA.
[14:25] <gregdek>  Right.
[14:25] <gregdek>  Folks.
[14:26] <mizmo>  not necessarily quotes just a story about what cool
stuff joe does with fedora there
[14:26] <gregdek>  NASA should be the hook, but Joe is the story.
[14:26] <stickster>  So we need to make it a point to personify the
other stories we're taking down.
[14:26] <gregdek>  For some values of "NASA" and "Joe".  :)
[14:26] <gregdek>  I think so.  Absolutely.
[14:26] <stickster>  So let's continue taking ideas
[14:27] <stickster>  Then we divvy up the list, and each of us finds
people for the story.
[14:27] <mizmo>  http://fedoranews.org/cms/node/432
[14:27] <mizmo>  thats a good one
[14:28] <mizmo>  helping the hungry
[14:28] <tw2113>  wasn't there recently someone on the marketing mailing
list that talked about his corporation using fedora?
[14:28] <mizmo>  yeh i dont remember if he gave specifics or not tho
[14:28] <mizmo>  is fedora used in any embedded devices
[14:29] <mizmo>  i think for freedom we should talk about our stance on
codecs maybe
[14:29] <tw2113>  i remember something about airplane setups
[14:29] <mizmo>  and redistributability
[14:29] <tw2113>  can't recall if it was fedora or just linux in general
[14:29] <fugolini>  hi
[14:29] <stickster>  tw2113: There was a guy from a company selling
Fedora pre-installed desktops.
[14:29] <mizmo>  oh yeh i think smoebody on planet at one point
mentioned fedora being used in the plane entertainment system?
[14:30] <mizmo>  hey fugolini
[14:30] <stickster>  mizmo: I like the foodbank story -- we should get
an update to find out if Fedora is still being used there
[14:31] <gregdek>  I just asked him on his blog for an update.
[14:31] <stickster>  *jinx
[14:31] * stickster was just writing the same thing
[14:31] <mizmo>  i bet jack has collected some interesting stories from
unis on the tour?
[14:31] <gregdek>  :)
[14:32] <gregdek>  Yes, if we can squeeze them out of him!
[14:32] <mizmo>  halfline used to live next door to a guy that worked on
the weather map displays for cable networks, i think he said they used
[14:32] <mizmo>  that was a couple years ago tho
[14:33] <mizmo>  for first and features, maybe fedora directory server?
[14:35] <stickster>  How can we find people using FDS in cool places?
[14:35] <gregdek>  Ask.
[14:35] <gregdek>  Everywhere we can.
[14:35] <gregdek>  And give them an easy way to give us an answer we can
[14:35] <tw2113>  mugshot?
[14:35] <tw2113>  or is that more red hat sponsored
[14:35] <gregdek>  Mugshot is very hand-wavy to me.
[14:36] <tw2113>  fair enough :)
[14:36] <gregdek>  stickster: Actually, my answer for FDS is the same as
for Fedora in general.
[14:36] <gregdek>  We should be asking everyone we know to dig for cool
Fedora stories for the next month.
[14:37] <gregdek>  The key is the call-to-action.
[14:37] <gregdek>  And editing a Fedora wiki probably isn't it.
[14:37] <mizmo>  heres a blog someone at BMC wrote about Fedora
[14:38] <mizmo>  "We use Fedora a great deal inside R&D Support as
desktop OS's, and even more importantly, we use it as a R&D production
data center OS. Our current Tier II storage server (as noted in my NAS
series of postings a week or two ago) is Fedora Core 6 based."
[14:38] <mizmo>  most of the article is kind of against fedora tho as
being unsuitable for desktop and too bleeding edge
[14:38] <mizmo>  "As noted in the last post, Fedora was pretty handy at
exposing a bleeding edge NFS V4 protocol issue. Fedora as a technology
preview is pretty much unrivaled. If you want to know what is coming
soon from other distros, it is hard to beat. They are usually a kernel
revision or two ahead of anyone else. Almost all their package sets are
about as fresh as they can be and not still be in the "Cooker"... and
maybe in some cases some packages
[14:38] <mizmo>   should have still been in development only trees, but
those issues usually get fixed very quickly."
[14:39] <gregdek>  Yeah, that doesn't look like a ringing endorsement to
me, actually.
[14:39] <gregdek>  
[14:39] * gregdek thinks.
[14:39] <stickster>  Nope
[14:40] <tw2113>  
[14:40] * tw2113 feels like he hasn't paid quite enough attention to
instances in life to really brainstorm well
[14:40] <gregdek>  So "Folks" is a case where we're looking for as many
cool stories as we can.
[14:40] <gregdek>  "Features" is a case where we're looking for
*developers* to talk about *their cool stuff*.
[14:40] <stickster>  gregdek: This is where having a
blog.fedoraproject.org would come in handy.
[14:40] <stickster>  People could respond directly without account
nonsense in a central place.
[14:40] <gregdek>  Why?  Not sure I follow.
[14:41] <stickster>  Maybe we could hijack a Truth Happens slot?
[14:41] <gregdek>  I mean, we could get responses on any one of our
livejournal accounts.
[14:41] <gregdek>  I mean, you as FPL could say "I'm looking for great
Fedora stories," and then we link to your specific post over and over
again, and watch as the number of posts goes up and up.
[14:42] <stickster>  Already writing it
[14:42] <gregdek>  :)
[14:42] <stickster>  The only problem I see, though --
[14:42] <stickster>  over time that disappears from the front page of my
[14:42] <gregdek>  Doesn't matter.
[14:42] <tw2113>  make a static page
[14:42] <gregdek>  What matters is that we continue to reference it.
[14:42] <stickster>  This is where a CMS truly comes in handy, because
that can be a gift that keeps on giving, by being up front on a landing
page too.
[14:42] <tw2113>  if we want
[14:43] <stickster>  Drive-by contributions without having to find me
from the Planet, or wherever.
[14:43] <stickster>  Nevertheless...
[14:43] * stickster writes some more
[14:43] <gregdek>  I mean, hell, we just switch out the current
"FedoraStories" page on the wiki with a link to your blog post.
[14:43] <tw2113>  someone could write up what is wanted to say, and i
could create a static page on my hosting
[14:43] <gregdek>  Right, exactly.
[14:43] <gregdek>  It's just a lot of pointers to this one blog post
that we want to fill to the brim with responses.
[14:43] <stickster>  Regardless, we need to collect.
[14:44] <stickster>  Once I put this up, we can link it in a ton of
community-visible places
[14:44] <stickster>  Post to lists, etc.
[14:44] <gregdek>  +1.
[14:44] <gregdek>  And then get that post dugg.  :)
[14:45] <mizmo>  research projects using fedora for folks?
[14:46] <mizmo>  http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2105/6/287
[14:46] <gregdek>  Oo.
[14:47] <mizmo>  dna analysis tool running on fedora
[14:47] <tw2113>  i wonder what those open source movies were done on
[14:48] <mizmo>  digital preservation study using fedora
[14:49] <tw2113>  damn, blender.org is down right now
[14:49] <stickster>  The more contemporary the article, the better the
[14:49] <stickster>  And the more likely we'll find a person to stand
beside it
[14:50] <mizmo>  "Java Based Automatic Curriculum Generator for Children
with Trisomy 21" that uses Fedora
[14:50] <gregdek>  So these are all good snippets.
[14:50] <gregdek>  Who is capturing them in short story form?
[14:50] <gregdek>  :)
[14:51] <mizmo>  tw2113, they use ubuntu for elephants dream
[14:51] <tw2113>  
[14:51] * tw2113 shakes fish
[14:53] <tw2113>  i know that Big Buck Bunny, which is the next one
they're doing, is scheduled for this month
[14:53] <tw2113>  i may have to keep an eye on their uses
[14:53] <gregdek>  I really wish that Elephant's Dream hadn't been so
[14:53] <gregdek>  No one is so honest as disinterested 13 year olds for
assessing the aesthetic value of a film.  :/
[14:53] <tw2113>  it was just short and weird
[14:53] <gregdek>  Well, Ratatouille was made on Fedora.
[14:53] <stickster>  gregdek: Story, story, stroy.
[14:54] <mizmo>  oh oh
[14:54] <gregdek>  But I don't know if we can say that yet.  :)
[14:54] <mizmo>  how about sony & ps3
[14:54] <gregdek>  Yeah!
[14:54] <tw2113>  ah yes, yellow dog is fedora derived
[14:54] <mizmo>  im seeing something about the cell processors being
developed using fedora
[14:54] <stickster>  mizmo: disco
[14:55] <tw2113>  
[14:55] * tw2113 looks at his coffee mug.......it runs red hat
[14:55] <stickster>  gregdek: Didn't the Intel CTO talk about something
similar at the Summit a couple years ago?
[14:55] <mizmo>  im lokoing for a better source tho, i just saw someone
saying osmething about it in a forum
[14:55] <tw2113>  ut oh, brainstorming session is almost done
[14:56] <tw2113>  regular meeting to follow?
[14:56] <gregdek>  Yep.
[14:56] <gregdek>  In five.
[14:56] <gregdek>  Although I'm thinking we may have all the same
[14:57] <mizmo>  "In November 2005, IBM released a "Cell Broadband
Engine (CBE) Software Development Kit Version 1.0", consisting of a
simulator and assorted tools, to its web site. Development versions of
the latest kernel and tools for Fedora Core 4 are maintained at the
Barcelona Supercomputing Center website.[45]"
[14:57] <mizmo>  i wish i knew someone at SCEA
[14:57] <tw2113>  what does Creative Commons use?
[14:57] <fugolini>  f8?
[14:58] <tw2113>  ooh, the Creative commons live cd perhaps?
[14:58] <gregdek>  Oh yeah.
[14:58] <gregdek>  No brainer on the CC live cd.  We need to get Jon
Phillips to talk it up.
[14:59] <tw2113>  Freedom + Folks right there
[14:59] <stickster>  mizmo: Are you still editing the Stories page?
[15:00] <mizmo>  stickster, no it errored out on mer
[15:00] <gregdek>  Doh!
[15:00] <mizmo>  pulseaudio might be another feature
[15:00] <gregdek>  OK, so stickster: we'll keep an eye out for your page
and start pimping it?
[15:01] <stickster>  Yes
[15:01] <stickster>  I'm working on it on the side, gathering some of
these links as examples and asking for more.
[15:01] <gregdek>  I think that will cover "folks".
[15:01] <fugolini>  
[15:01] * fugolini has to leave you (sorry...)
[15:01] <stickster>  s/side/side of this screen/.

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