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Re: Generic Fedora Poster Designs for Events

Hi folks,

I've updated the posters using the color suggestions from John Adams and the text Paul Frields gave me in my blog [1] (with one minor mod) and some layout suggestions from Robin Norwood in IRC (the original design had the infinity sign flattened, it's readjusted to resemble its position in the logo and some of the sizing of the logo elements is changed.) I'm pretty satisfied with where they are at now, what do you think?


I think the copy is good enough now that if you'd like to translate the poster please feel free. The font that I created this with is MgOpen Modata which is OFL and available in Fedora, by the way.

Thanks to everyone who helped out and provided feedback and encouragement, it is greatly appreciated!


[1] http://mihmo.livejournal.com/52591.html?nc=14

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