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Re: Now, that I got people talking...

A new note on OpenVIP. I got a mail from Antonin Slavik, the OpenVIP
author, and he gives me these great news:

--- snip ---
Hi Rick,

the only part of OpenVIP that is ffmpeg-dependent are the FFMpegInput and
FFMpegOutput plugins. So it would be relatively easy to get rid of ffmpeg
by writing different I/O plugins, provided that you find another good
encoding/decoding library. We have chosen ffmpeg simply because it
supports a lot of formats and codecs, and because it runs both under Linux
and Windows. The annoying thing is a poor documentation and unstable API.
--- /snip ---

Regarding FFMPEG and decoding libraries, I don't quite think GStreamer
is what i'm looking for. That library is too extense - it handles
synchronization, threading, audio and video streaming, and a lot of
stuff that I *don't need. Besides, I haven't found anything about
codecs in its webpage (maybe i didn't search enough).

If anyone knows of a codec library besides ffmpeg that I can use, please share.

Finally, what are the patent-encumbered formats and codecs that ffmpeg
(I mean libavcodec and libavformat) includes? Having a particular list
would be very helpful.

Rick Garcia.
Saya-VE, Project Leader.

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