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Fedora marketing meeting minutes

Hello all.  A useful meeting today yielded some new work items:

* Metrics for marketing purposes. On Kerri's advice, we're going to be trolling through all of our various metrics to find compelling numbers for the press. Users, contributors, growth rate in various projects, whatever we can find to make Fedora's growth as compelling a story as possible. Since Max is already wrangling lots of metrics data, he will take the lead on this. If you have any questions or advice, let him know.

* Examples of successes of the 4 Fs. In Fedora, we care about four things: Freedom, Features, Folks, and being First. We need some concrete examples of how these 4 Fs make Fedora 9 a huge success. In particular, Maureen Duffy suggested redoubling our efforts on interviews that are also demos; the idea is to have some Fedora stars actually give demoes of their favorite features. Paul Frields will be leading a separate discussion sometime this week; read his email to the list.

* Francesco Ugolini will be giving us an overview of Ambassador activities in support of the F9 release, pending some other business that FAMSCO is wrapping up this week.

The marketing plan is basically good "as is" right now -- it's not perfect, but it gives us enough information to continue to drive tactical work for the F9 release.

See you all next week: 1900 UTC / 3pm EDT, #fedora-mktg, irc.freenode.net. Thanks for the continued hard work of those who continue to show up every week for long meetings. :)


(p.s. does someone have an IRC log to post?)

Greg DeKoenigsberg
Community Development Manager
Red Hat, Inc. :: 1-919-754-4255
"To whomsoever much hath been given...
...from him much shall be asked"

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