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Re: New Content for fedoraproject.org

It looks like we got there with this thread :) Thanks for the
excellent info Rahul, as always!

I just thought I'd give a quite bit of background for this so everyone
was on the same page - feel free to correct me if I get any of this

There was a thread on the websites-list recently:


The conversation pretty much decided that although there's a fair
number of people on the websites list, there are very few who
contribute patches and real work. To try and remedy this we held a
meeting to figure out how we can turn the websites team into a larger,
more effective group who get things done.

At the meeting loads of things were discussed but one of the key
points was that we need a bigger vision for the websites team so we
have a general direction to be moving in, while keeping an eye on the
day to day running along side this. It was also figured that we need
people to liase with key other teams such as Marketing, Docs and Art
and Juan is doing Marketing (and a good job too - the information
you've dug up already is going to help!)

To try and keep stuff on track we'll be holding regular meetings and
reviewing progress and assigning tasks too.

The meeting info can be found at:


Best wishes all,


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