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Re: Adding new Activities via RPM

On Thu, 20 Nov 2008, Bryan Kearney wrote:

If you add a new activity via a yum update, you have to restart sugar for it to appear on the desktop (or, to appear on the list so you can put it on the desktop). Combine that with the fact there is no logout for Sugar, you are left with either a restart (reboot) or Ctrl-alt-backspace.

I understand you can download .xo files from a website. Are these automatically added to the desktop? If so, is there some code or script which we can put in an rpm %post section to make them appear?

In Sugar, when you download an Activity, it shows up both in the Journal and on the Launcher basically immediately -- but that's because it shows up, I think, in the user's homedir. Activities can run either from the systemwide activity space -- which is where RPM puts them -- or the local user space, which is where the activity goes when a user downloads it.

Not sure I've answered your question though, heh.


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