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Karlie Robinson karlie_robinson at
Wed Oct 22 15:30:19 UTC 2008

Welcome, Pascal.

To expand on what David said, the little bit of news I posted on 
Facebook and to officially give you your first bit of info that might 
qualify as news...

Pre-orders for the F10 OLPC SD cards will  start October 28 at  I'll update the list with the URL and price once it's 
posted.  As we get closer to the actual release of F10 and G1G1, I'll 
also have the cards listed at

Some selling points for the Fedora option on the XO...

1) for adults who may not find the Sugar environment practical for daily 
use, the Fedora 10 option allows the machine to behave in a more 
familiar way.  2) In this sense, the XO is on-par with an Asus Eee PC, 
except your purchase during the G1G1 promotion directly effects the 
lives of children.  A social purchase rather than a corporate profit 


David Farning wrote:
> Fedora OLPC is actually two project for the price of one:) One side is 
> running Fedora on the XO and the other is running Sugar on a stock 
> Fedora systems.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> On 10/21/2008, 11:49, Pascal Calarco (pcalarco at wrote:
> I am going to join the SIG in order to step up coverage of the Fedora 
> OLPC SIG in Fedora Weekly News.

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