[Fedora-packaging] disttag

Carwyn Edwards carwyn at carwyn.com
Fri Feb 25 03:52:37 UTC 2005

Dag Wieers wrote:

>The problem with such a scheme of course is that it requires a change to 
>RPM (and all RPM related tools),
I know, I know - I'm more thinking ahead to when the tag mangling goes 
away :-)

In the meantime, the current direction of the package naming looks good. 
So far it's letting me define a local naming policy of:


%{release}: Upstream release version if it exists otherwise |0| (zero).
%{local_release}: Local release version that adheres to the same rules 
as the Fedora release field if %{release} is 0, otherwise use a single 
%{repo}: Local repo tag.

I suspect that many Fedora users have their own local repos (maybe not 
as big as FreshRPMs or Dag :-) ) and being able to define a naming 
policy that works with upstream is a good thing. A common example of 
what we need to do is to patch Fedora rpms with things that haven't been 
integrated yet or to add some feature to the build options.


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