[Fedora-packaging] Conflicts

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Fri Mar 4 17:29:45 UTC 2005

Michael Schwendt (bugs.michael at gmx.net) said: 
> What is the official policy about packages in Fedora Extras which
> marked as conflicting with eachother?

Conflicting packages are bad, period. Makes writing installers
messy, as conflicts are done at the last stage of resolution.

They really should be avoided if at all possible.

> I think there are other extras which conflict because they provide same
> or similar functionality, not limited to "leafnode" and "suck",
> "oidentd" and "pidentd" (core), "proftd" and "vsftpd anonftp" (core).

Are these real physical conflicts, or merely things that provide
similar functionality?


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