[Fedora-packaging] Package EOL procedure when merging two packages

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Fri Aug 3 16:44:41 UTC 2007


I want to get a sanity check on something so I don't cause any dep
problems.  I'm planning to merge the python-gpod package into the main
libgpod package (it was originally built separately due to
requirements on Extras packages).

This is planned for devel first, and then eventually F7.  As I
understand it, I should:

a) add a dead.package file in the devel branch for python-gpod
   explaining that it's been merged with libgpod, and delete the other
   files from the branch.

b) ask rel-eng to block the package from devel.

I'm unsure about b.  Can anyone help clarify this and let me know if
I'm missing other steps?   (The package isn't in comps and will remain
in FC6 for sure, and F7 for a little while at least -- so steps 3 and
4 on PackageMaintainers/PackageEndOfLife aren't relevant.)


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