[Fedora-packaging] Two different locale names in one package?

Michał Bentkowski mr.ecik at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 16:56:52 UTC 2007

If you aren't going to split up the package, just use %find_lang twice
and do `cat kcmbeagle.lang >> %{name}.lang`

2007/3/4, Sebastian Vahl <ml at deadbabylon.de>:
> Hi.
> A few days ago I've taken over the package kerry due to AWOL of the
> former maintainer. Today I've tried to package the new version of
> kerry. But I've encountered a problem: The new package contains two
> different named locale files: kerry.mo and kcmbeagle.mo. In one package
> I could only use one %find_lang.
> One solution could be to split up the package. That's what I have done
> for now (kerry and kerry-kcontrol). But the normal package would miss
> some features when not installing the sub-package. But I don't think a
> require for kerry-kcontrol in kerry itself would be a good idea.
> What would be the best solution in this situation? Really splitting up
> the package? And if so, also putting a require for kerry-kcontrol in
> kerry? Or is there an option for %find_lang I don't know?
> I've uploaded the srpm and the spec so that you could have a look:
> http://www.deadbabylon.de/fedora/extras/kerry/
> Sebastian
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