[Fedora-packaging] Re: pike packages

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at math.uh.edu
Thu Jan 24 01:51:37 UTC 2008

>>>>> "jr" == josef radinger <cheese at nosuchhost.net> writes:

jr> I would need someone willing to review the pike-packages.

All I can say is, first submit pike itself and get it reviewed.  If
you have many library packages which will need review, submit a couple
of them along with a set of packaging guidelines so that the packaging
committee can help you to get them to an acceptable state.  Then start
submitting the rest of your addon packages according to those

Honestly, there is very little chance that anyone in the pool of
reviewers is going to know anything at all about pike, and so it is an
absolute must that we have proper guidelines that will enable us to
review those packages.

 - J<

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