CPAN Module RPMs

Dave Cross dave at
Thu Jun 22 07:56:16 UTC 2006

Quoting Paul Howarth <paul at>:

> Dave Cross wrote:
>> I've just started to dabble with packaging RPMs from CPAN modules   
>> and making them available for download (see   
>> This had brought up a number of questions  
>>  that people on this list would probably be best placed to answer.
>> 1/ Currently I've been using cpan2rpm to build the RPMs. Are there   
>> any better tools out there? What do you use to create RPMs from   
>> CPAN distributions?
> Try cpanspec (it's in Extras). I don't use it myself but I know a lot
> of packages in Extras were built starting from a cpanspec package.

Ah. That looks a lot better. Thanks.

>> 2/ Are there any good tools for building web pages from RPMs. I've   
>> played with rpm2html but I don't want to my web pages to look like   
>> it's still 1998. Something that interfaces with the Template   
>> Toolkit would be great, and I'd be happy to write that if it   
>> doesn't already exist.
> How about repoview, which is used by Fedpra Extras, e.g.:

That looks useful. But it only took me 15 minutes to put together  
( which is a thin TT  
wrapper around the Perl module RPM2.

>> 3/ I assume there are standards that define how CPAN modules should  
>>  be packaged for use with Fedora (I'm largely targeting Fedora - if  
>>  the RPMs work with other distributions then that's a bonus). Are   
>> they documented somewhere?
> Using cpanspec will give you a good starting point as I believe it's
> based on the Fedora perl package template. The packages should meet the
> general packaging guidelines
> ( and some tips for
> perl packages in particular can be found at:

Lots of interesting reading there.

Thanks for all the help.



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