Catalyst spec files now online - Sorry

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at
Mon Sep 4 11:40:23 UTC 2006

[Coming in rather late to this - only just joined the list]

The spec files there are mine, generated by a substantially hacked
cpan2rpm, which is intended to get the dependencies right to allow the
stuff to build in a minimal build root (I happen to use mach, but it
ought to work (more slowly) within mock too).  Basically I leverage more
of the information within the CPAN package itself to produce a whole
pile of additional BuildRequires information, and add some Requires too.

I've not come across cpan2spec up to now - will try and have a go at
that and ideally merge anything needed into there for future use.

A few packages need manual spec tweaking after cpan2rpm, although not

For DBIx::Class the *big* problem dependency is SQL::Translator.  I
package this as one big lump - which gives it a ton of additional
dependencies (ie graphviz etc).  The ideal would be for it to be broken
into smaller pieces, although there would still be problems then as what
commands you had available would depend on which SQLT modules were

There were a few problems with rpm mishandling deps/reqs when building
the package.  Biggest one of those found recently is where modules have
multiple classes in them, some of which are hidden - see
for my bug filed on that.

[there is one of those in the Class::C3 stuff which breaks things nicely
unless you have an explicit Provide in there]

I am using this stuff at work, and can put some effort from there to
package and update (since I have to do the basic work anyway at
present).  I also need to build for RHEL so any srpms need to be RHEL
friendly from my point of view.

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