[Fedora Robotics] Co-ordinating open source robotics packaging.

Attilio Priolo attilio.priolo at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 13:44:03 UTC 2009

In my honest opinion I think that a common mailing list is a good mean but a
wiki could be the best way to address our efforts. I vote for a wiki. ;-)

2009/6/7 Toby Collett
<tcollett+lists at plan9.net.nz<tcollett%2Blists at plan9.net.nz>

> Hi all,
> There seems to be increased effort and interest in packaging robotics
> software in various distributions. It seems to be that the requirements for
> most distributions are pretty similar and so it would make sense to put a
> bit of effort into coordinating these efforts, potentially targeting the
> same set of packages and same versions for fedora, ubuntu (coordinate with
> robobuntu?), debian ....
> Does this seem a good idea for others, I am currently looking to get
> involved in some ubuntu packaging (particularly around player which I am a
> developer for and the libraries it uses such as gearbox), but would prefer
> to not reinvent the wheel too much :)
> If this seems a good idea, what do you think would be the best way to
> coordinate, a common mailing list, a wiki with a matrix of packages,
> distributions and the versions targetted?....
> Regards,
> Toby Collett
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