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Astwood minces at oliff.com
Wed Aug 19 14:10:06 UTC 2009

Le has been darkened to us by men who, totally misunderstanding the
expressions "form of God," "form of a servant," "fashion," "likeness of
men," have transferred them to the natures of Godhead and manhood.
Paul's meaning is this: Christ, when He was full of the form of God and
abounded in all good things, so that He had no need of works or
sufferings to be just and saved--for all these things He had from the
very beginning--yet was not puffed up with these things, and did not
raise Himself above us and arrogate to Himself power over us, though He
might lawfully have done so, but, on the contrary, so acted in
labouring, working, suffering, and dying, as to be like the rest of men,
and no otherwise than a man in fashion and in conduct, as if He were in
want of all things and had nothing of the form of God; and yet all this
He did for our sakes, tha
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