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 therefore, you do not think the present too valuable----" The Countess
interrupted her. "Too valuable! certainly not. When you wish to give
anything it ought to be something good and serviceable. The green robe
with the flowers will be very appropriate for Mary." "Go now, my dear
children," said the Countess, when they returned to the room where Mary
was, "take good care of the flowers, that they may not fade before
dinner. I want the guests to admire the basket also, which will be the
most beautiful ornament on our table." Amelia ran to her room with Mary,
and told Juliette, her maid, to bring the dress with the white and red
flowers. "Do you wish to wear that dress to-day, miss?" said her maid.
"No," said Amelia, "I intend to make a present of it to Mary." "Give
that dress away!" replied Juliette hastily. "Does the Countess know?"
"You forget yourself, I think, Juliette," said Amelia wi
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