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Trying to get user modification tools and policy source

	Install from DVD
	Download of Tresys tools
	Installation of several RPMs that were needed to compile these tools
	yum update of system.

Problem: I can't build the Tresys tools for user account modification.
I had been doing this in the past:

> #1.  useradd -m developer 
> #2.  passwd developer
> #3. sed -i -e /user\ root/a\ user\ developer\ roles\ \{\ staff_r\ \
> sysadm_r\ \}\; /etc/security/selinux/src/policy/users 
> #4. cd /etc/security/selinux/src/policy
> #5. make policy
> #6. make load

I asked the SEL list about this and it was recommeded that I try Tresys
setools?  seuser, seuseradd?.

Problem is, I can't build them I keep getting a message about TCL being
in the wrong place? 

Anyone seen this? This is a new install, without deviations from what
needs to be done initially. I would think this would be a pretty common

I obviously can't do my old procedure since the policy source wasn't


Nick Gray
Senior Systems Engineer
Bruzenak Inc.
nagray austin rr com
(512) 331-7998

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