Problems with sudo

Richard Hally rhally at
Fri Dec 17 12:35:24 UTC 2004

Bogdan Agica wrote:

>In the /etc/init.d script, the programs (5 of them) are started by
>comands like:
># sudo -u bitdefender /opt/BitDefender/bin/bdcored start
>I have looked at the files domains/program/sudo.te and
>macros/program/sudo_macros.te. Unfortunately, the lack of documentation
>for the sudo_domain() macro was a problem, so I have some questions:
>1. What exactly does the sudo_domain() macro do?
>2. Is this the tool that I need? (i have tried to integrate it with the
>policy, but it resulted in errors)

There is a program "runuser" in the coreutils package that was designed 
and written to be used in place of "su" and possibly "sudo" in this 
situation. See "man runuser" and postgresql for an example where it is used.
Richard Hally

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