Problems with sudo

Bogdan Agica bagica at
Fri Dec 17 16:48:02 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-12-17 at 07:35 -0500, Richard Hally wrote:

> There is a program "runuser" in the coreutils package that was designed 
> and written to be used in place of "su" and possibly "sudo" in this 
> situation. See "man runuser" and postgresql for an example where it is used.
Thanx for the answer. runuser seems to be working ok, and we're probably
going to replace sudo in the forecoming install scripts. (Actually, from
what I've learnt, it's just su without correct_password() )

When do you think runuser goes mainstream? Because, as far as I have
checked, it's only in FC3 with selinux (not in Debian, and not in

Thanks again for the prompt answer, 
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