firefox and timidity...

Tom London selinux at
Tue Dec 28 16:21:32 UTC 2004

Running strict/enforcing, latest Rawhide.

If i click on, say, a pdf URL in firefox, I get the following

Dec 28 08:11:05 fedora kernel: audit(1104250265.322:0): avc:  denied 
{ getattr } for  pid=3067 exe=/usr/lib/firefox-1.0/firefox-bin
path=/usr/bin/timidity dev=hda2 ino=427077
tcontext=system_u:object_r:timidity_exec_t tclass=file

implying that user_mozilla needs
allow user_mozilla_t timidity_exec_t:file getattr;

If I set permissive mode, I get the same (and only) AVC.
Since it doesn't seem to affect anything, my inclination
would be to
dontaudit user_mozilla_t timidity_exec_t:file getattr;

Would this break firefox sounds? Something else?


Tom London

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