transition problems

Oleg Museyko O.Museyko at
Tue Dec 28 19:43:01 UTC 2004


        Although innd.te is the usual example of policy, i still can't
        get it start right from the init-script. (Fedora Core 2,
        The problem is near the 'su', IMHO. Namely, when innd runs from
        script as
                su -s /bin/bash - news -c /etc/

        it obtains context user_u:user_r:user_t and no
        domain_auto_trans together with default_contexts tuning
        could resolve it, until i've added the new user:

        user news roles system_r;

        After that the context of innd became user_u:system_r:innd_t
        (not news:system_r:innd_t, as i hoped, but anyway...)

        Besides, the same problem in other place occured to be more
        persistent:  regular cron job running nntpsend leads to the
        following (permissive mode):

        avc:  denied  { transition } for  pid=24801 exe=/bin/su path=/bin/bash
        dev=sda1 ino=895926 scontext=system_u:system_r:system_crond_su_t
        tcontext=user_u:sysadm_r:sysadm_t tclass=process
        avc:  denied  { siginh } for  pid=24801 exe=/bin/bash
        tcontext=user_u:sysadm_r:sysadm_t tclass=process
        (same for 'rlimitinh' and 'noatsecure').

        This caused by
        su - news -c "unset LANG; unset LC_COLLATE; /usr/lib/news/bin/nntpsend"

        I've tried to force the domain_auto_trans to initrc_t etc,
        also added corresponding records to default_contexts

        system_r:system_crond_su_t   system_r:initrc_t

        but without any effect! (And no conflicts with other policy
        rules, as far as i could see).

        I'm eager to get any help on this, please.

        Also, i'd like to ask the reason of why some file type
        transitions doesn't work on sockets. E.g., when
        winbindd (runs in smbd_t) creates the socket in the
        directory of samba_var_t type and clients try to use it,
        the log file are full of deny { connectto } unix_stream_socket
        with smbd_t in tcontext. At the same time the /path/to/socket/file
        has correct samba_var_t type.  The situation doesn't
        change if i write
        file_type_auto_trans(smbd_t, samba_var_t, samba_var_t, sock_file)

        The unix domain socket still has smbd_t, not samba_var_t, when
        someone tries to 'connectto'. Same situation with some other sockets
        of different domains. Is it the possible to change this
        behavior, or unix domain socket always has the type of
        creating process ?

Best regards,

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