List of operations

Frank Mayer mayerf at
Mon Aug 8 12:30:43 UTC 2005

Göran Uddeborg wrote:
> Is there some kind of documentation list over the available classes
> and operations (permissions)? 

There's a paper on NSA's site that should help. Also we've been trying to
keep exactly what you asked for at We intend to keep it up
to date (it currently has a date of April), but there might be some minor
changes not reflected.

> I'm imagining some kind
> of list like the appendices of the O'Reilley book, but updated for
> the current version.  Does such a list exist somewhere?  Or is it
> just in my imagination? :-)       

Several of us here (at Tresys) at trying hard to write a book on SELinux,
based on large part on our policy writing course, for Addison-Wesley in our
copious spare time :-) Probably won't be out until after the new year. The
material on the above web site will be in an appendix. Nonetheless, we hope
to keep the above site update periodically. Frank

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