List of operations

Göran Uddeborg goeran at
Sat Aug 6 10:05:49 UTC 2005

Maybe this is a FAQ, but I haven't found it answered in any of the
FAQ:s I've looked through:

Is there some kind of documentation list over the available classes
and operations (permissions)?

Other concepts, like types and roles are defined in the policy, with
some luck together with a comment.  In some cases there are even
manual pages, like httpd_selinux.

But the list of available classes and operations must be defined by
the kernel module if I understand things correctly.  I could extract a
list from the flask/access_vectors file.  But I would have liked
something with a sentence or so of explanation.  Some names may be
self-explanatory, but many are not obvious.  I'm imagining some kind
of list like the appendices of the O'Reilley book, but updated for the
current version.  Does such a list exist somewhere?  Or is it just in
my imagination? :-)

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