NSA motives

Peter Magnusson iocc at fedora-selinux.lists.flashdance.cx
Tue Jul 5 05:11:53 UTC 2005

On Tue, 5 Jul 2005, Richard Hally wrote:

>> When was SELinux included in the mainline Linux 2.6, what version?
> 2.6.0 IIRC


> NSA has two main missions. See their site
> http://www.nsa.gov/home_html.cfm

"The ability to understand the secret communications of our foreign 
adversaries while protecting our own communications -- a capability in 
which the United States leads the world -- gives our nation a unique 

hmm, ok. SELinux still sounds counterproductive :)

>> Im sure NSA would love to have backdoor to SELinux if someone with evil 
>> reasons (what NSA thinks is evil) uses SELinux. Since SELinux is open 
>> source it cant be something obviously because it will be found very 
>> quickly. Must be something that its really, really well hidden.
> Think about it... It is probably the most examined code in the whole open 
> source world.  "many eyes" carried to the extreme!

Good to hear.

>> I guess you have heard opinions like this before :)
>> It was the first things I thought about when I first heard about SELinux 
>> several years ago.
> Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean someone is not out to get you.

I'll have my tinfoil hat on for the rest of the day ;)

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