Java apps can't use network

Ivan Gyurdiev gyurdiev at
Thu Jul 21 10:28:00 UTC 2005

> 2) I tried setting SELINUX to PERMISSIVE - the apps still couldn't use 
> network. 

So what evidence do you have that the problem is caused
by SELinux at all?

> 3) The apps are blocked silently - no info in syslog, regardless of SELINUX 
> mode.

It sounds like SElinux is not the problem.

Permissive mode should not cause any SELinux-related failures 
unless your applications are directly integrated with SELinux (in
which case they should check if selinux is enabled manually).

Have you tried if the problem occurs with selinux=disabled?
Beware that you might need to relabel the filesystem afterwards
if you try that.

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