audit errors on shutdown in FC4

Steve G linux_4ever at
Thu Jul 28 12:18:38 UTC 2005

>Tonight, a yum update picked up new versions of audit, audit-libs, and
>audit-libs-devel. Are these the kinds of patches you're referring to?

Not really. The main thing about this round of updates is that it quietens
messages that are caused by delete file system watches not being supported by
current kernels.

We have a reference audit implementation that I work to. We have just begun to
get the filesystem watch implementation upstream. It was pointed out that there
is some overlap between inotify and the audit system. So, we are trying to create
a common framework that both audit and inotify can clip into. Then when this gets
accepted upstream, Fedora will pick up the new kernel and all will be better.
This process may take a month.


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