fc4 samba errors { read write } { search } { remove_name } - second part

lastic miles cspp at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 20 19:12:59 UTC 2005

--- Ivan Gyurdiev <ivg2 at cornell.edu> wrote:

> Add nscd_client_domain to the daemon_domain call for
> smbd

What does that mean?

> Samba's currently not allowed to delete logs - it
> seems this was
> done on purpose. Why, I'm not sure - so you can't
> erase valuable
> audit trail I suppose...
> ---
> By the way, notice how samba doesn't use standard
> log macros for
> this (append_logdir_domain). The only reason for
> this appears to 
> be that the type is shared across multiple types.
> This is not a very
> good reason. IMHO we need to change all those
> log/var/etc macros 
> to address this issue. If you look at home_macros.te
> you'll see one
> (rather ugly) way to address this - separate macro
> in one declaration
> part, and another "access" part.

In general you are saying "Do not touch for now. It

Thank you for your time!

L. Miles

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