using tmpfs for /tmp and selinux

Daniel J Walsh dwalsh at
Mon May 9 15:45:16 UTC 2005

alex at wrote:

>Sorry for posting this outside of corresponding thread for those using
>threading.  I'm new to the list, and found thread in the archives, so couldn't
>simply hit reply in my mail reader.
>I've applied changes described to the rc.sysinit (restorecon /tmp), created
>local.te (allow tmpfile tmpfs_t:filesystem associate;) and reloaded policy.  It
>seems to be working for me on both FC3 and RHEL4.  The question I have is, will
>this patches (to both initscripts and selinux-policy-targeted) be present in U1
>for RHEL4?

>Aleksandar Milivojevic
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