Oracle-XE on FC5

Jean-Christophe Choisy kiwibee at
Thu Apr 13 16:41:25 UTC 2006


I've been trying to install and use Oracle-XE (express edition) on  
Fedora Core 5. I failed at it. The rpm installs fine of course, but  
the initial configuration fails. The script invoked fails to create  
some directories, the database is never created and so  on...

I tried to fix it myself and found some 'execmod' avc's in audit.log,  
then chcon'd the respective .so files. Still, after fixing all of the  
reported ones, it still doesn't work and leaves me rather clueless as  
to why. Switching to permissive mode indeed solves it all.

I would really like to keep selinux in enforcing mode, and I guess  
I'm missing something rather simple here... Has anyone got oracle-xe  
running in fc5 with selinux enforcing? (targeted policy).


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