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Matthew Saltzman mjs at
Wed Feb 14 19:16:35 UTC 2007

On Tue, 13 Feb 2007, Todd Zullinger wrote:

> Bruce Therrien wrote:
>> Go-daddy insists that I re-configure PHP to use GD.
> What do they have to do with configuring your FC6 server?  And what
> does this have to do with SELinux?
>> Can someone tell me where PHP is located on my server.
>> All I can find is php.ini........
>> I'm running core 6, with PHP 5.0.4, but I need the GD support.
> So you've compiled your own php already and done so with a lower
> version than FC6 ships with?  5.1.6 is what came with FC6.  And if you
> used the stock setup all you'd have to do to enable GD support in php
> is yum install php-gd, then restart httpd.
>> I have the configure text ready to execute, but where?
> You need to run configure in the directory where you extract the php
> source.  I couldn't tell you where that is on your server.
> Best to ask for help on another list, though I'm not sure what the
> most appropriate suggestion would be if you're rolling your own and not
> using the packages provided.  Perhaps there's a proper list?

You probably want fedora-list at  But if you have an RPM for your 
(non-stock) PHP, grab the SRPM, install it, edit the spec file, and 
rebuild with "rpmbuild -bb php.spec".  I'd recommend installing 
rpmdevtools, which will allow you to setup a build tree in your home 
directory so you don't have to build as root.

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