Mono packaging

Paul F. Johnson paul at
Thu Mar 9 12:05:04 UTC 2006


I've recently unearthed some problems with Mono which have now been
fixed upstream. However, due to Mono being updated on svn roughly every
30 minutes, the FC packages become badly out of date rather quickly and
the Novell peeps don't release tarballs that often, so the situation
gets worse.

I realise that it would be damned near impossible to create a new build
every 30 mins or so (and impractical to boot!), but Novell does provide
a daily tarball for the changes every day. Would it not be possible to
have a nightly build in rawhide with a stable build for core when new
main stream tarballs appear?

Like the kernel, Mono is a damned fast moving thing to hit and I would
be willing to produce the builds if it would help any (I build every
night on x86_64 and i386 anyway, so it's not a biggy to generate a
tarball script and build that way).

Just suggestions, but given the nature of Mono, ones which should be
very apparent.


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