Reported bugs -- yes they were

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Fri Mar 10 21:46:57 UTC 2006

Hi Rahul,
It is till Friday in Canada, but I note the time you are responding. I complement you on your dedication.

Yes, in response to your question, I filed bugs, and yes, there are some keyboard changes coming after go live.

As for being able to shutdown from any account. It says that Core5 cannot be used as a server and also have another guest user who could issue that command.
I should not have to modify the halt / shutdown / reboot stuff to add security. If I want a guest end user to do a shutdown,
I want to extend that privledge to him.
This last point is philosophical (I have a UPS to prevent power spike generated shutdowns, and on the otherhand, any user can issue a shutdown request.)

GNOME project is saying they can control access to what is shown on a user's menu. Perhaps that is the way to do it, to prevent access to restricted software.

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Leslie Satenstein wrote:

>There are many rough edges to the Core5 release. 
>I personally would want the extra week(s) spent on cleaning up.
>My nuances
>I found  XEN version will not power off after a shutdown command
Did you file a bug report on this?

>I found that any user, including guest, could issue a shutdown command
This one is not a bug.

>I found that there are still keyboard definition problems that are not 
Any bug reports?

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